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“Strive for perfection in everything.”

“Take the best that exists and make it better. If it doesn't exist, create it.”

“Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.”

Sir Henry Royce

Our goal is to create things closer to perfection.

We are interested in using state of the art technologies to carry out incredible projects.

Changing the world is exciting. Together we could bring exceptional projects to life.

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Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision

Computational Photography

Autonomous Control


Software Optimization

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Customer zone is single place where you can manage all topics regarding your project:
  • Management of implementation process
  • Administrative tool
  • System analytics and statistics
  • Live system status

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They said about us:

Implementation was performed exemplary and on time.

Innology showed great commitment and creativity during cooperation.

The resulting project is a great and original tool for the promotion of the STARTER Gdańsk Business Incubator.

Marta Tyborska
GIP Starter

Innology designed and implemented a Campus Navigation System for the Gdańsk University of Technology.

The solution prepared by Innology has been designed and implemented as a complementary element of the PG application. That required a large number of consultations and arrangements.

Mr. Krzysztof showed a lot of flexibility during development, thanks to which his solution integrates well with PG applications. From the attitude of Mr. Krzysztof, it appears that he makes every effort to create a product that satisfies the customer, not only meets the requirements of the contract.

Piotr Falc
Head of “eUczelnia” project

Innology designed Virtual Guide for University of Gdansk.

The application helps students to familiarize themselves with Campus, location of individual facilities, specific university units, offices, etc. It is addressed to current students, but above all, candidates for studies.

Noteworthy is the huge number of panoramic photos taken by Innology and used in the project, making the application very realistic in matter of representing the real appearance of Oliwa Campus.

Magdalena Nieczuja-Goniszewska Head of Promotion Office
Beata Czechowska-Derkacz UG Spokesperson

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